Tofu and broccoli stir fry


Tofu and broccoli stir fry

1 onion
1 medium carrot
10 babysweet corns (normal corns are allright to if you want)
1 package of tofu (firm, not silk)
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 medium head of broccoli
10 mushrooms
casheew nuts
A jar of black been sausce. I use Sharwoods black bean sausce.

Precook the broccoli and the carrot first and then mix it up with the other vegetables. Pre fry the tofu and the cashew nuts before you mix it up with the vegetables. Mix everything together in a big wook pan and then add the black bean sause and wook it until you are happy with the mix.
Easey..and done! Serve together with rice noodles or rise.

Wolverhampton Vegan BBQ


Sorr for my messy blogg, I am reconstructioning. Guess who got a new camera to?! I found a realley cheap decent one at ebay so finally I can lay up some decent pictures so I can more push with my veggie blogg. I am getting in delievered tomorrow. Until then I am showing you some pictures from my weekend.
My vegan friend invited my to help out at their Wolverhampton Vegan Annual BBQ in Wolverhampton. I got free time off so I could not resist. It was realley fun. It was arrenged by thr Wolverhasmpton Vegan and Vegetarian local group in Wolverhampton. Free food and information was provided. And it is absolutley not as you it it. Very curious carnivores showed up and wanted to make a lifechange, or cutting down on their meat consuming. We had a lot of information provided so people could grab.


A lot of people found in from the streets thanks to this signs. The cakes who is totally dairy and egg free went realley fast.


There was a lad there with a videocamera who did a documentary about the Wolverhampton Events. He interviewed some people. A got a camera shot up in to my face to. So I am gonna be in a documentrary. He got realley impressed by my sport and training life. So I promoted about that. And the challenges of having bodybuilding magazines throwing this false and stupid information right infront the readers. Trust me…I am kind of passiv when it comes to trying to promote vegan lifestyle. I am never ever going to ask anyone to become a vegan. NEVER! But I can ask you to reconsider your values and have a meatless day a week once in a while. Just for the enviroment and to let your body rest. If I get one person to do that, I have succseeded. Inmpersonally believe that many vegan movies is extreme so they have opposite effect on people.


Moooore foooood! And some examples of vegan mayoneese. Woop! I am looking forward to get my camera so I can get you some quality photos of my life here instead. Summary of the weekend. It was awesome. Many curious people, many questions, many knowledge and experience shared. My missions will continue of promoting sport and veganism together….Stay tuned ;)

Cheesefilled food muffins with tomatoes and fresh basil


Here is a new experiment I did in the kitchen this weekend. Sorry for the shitty picture since I still haven’t managed to fix a new camera.

5-6 dl flour
0,2-0,5 dl baking powder
50 gram yeast
around 10-15 plumtomatoes
2 hands full of fresh basil
salt, pepper and paprikpowder.

MIX MIX MIX! Preferable with a mixer. I did not measured the oil and soymilk. it is more like an stomach feeling when you know how a paste should look like. Remember that the tomatoes have a lot of water in them.

Let is stay an get fluffy for about 10 – 15 minutes

I just mixed it to a sticky mud paste look a like thingy. Then I oiled up the muffins plates and put the paste in the muffinsplate. I chopped the soycheese in square small pieces (from Tescos own brand) and just squeezed it in to the paste in the plate.
175 degrees for 30-40 minutes and voila!

Homemade cheezy cheatloaf


I just made the most perfect cheatloaf. But I am angry with my self that I forgot my camera in Russia and that my mobile who have a realley good camera is totally dead so I need to hand it in.

It was sell off on broccoli the other day in the grocery store. 5 pence per broccoli bouquet. I bought 5 of them, cooked them and threw them in this thingy:


I mixed the broccoli with shitloads of oliveoil, flour, cornflour, salt, pepper and paprika. The trick is to balance it to a nice muddy thing. You have to experiment so I cant give any good measures.


Then I covered the bottom of this owen thing. I covered the bottom whit 3 cm. Then a layer of Tescos milkfree cheese. Then another layer and put it in the owen on 175 celcious for 40 minutes.



I served it together with a mix of eggfree mayoneese, chives, salt, pepper and papriks powder.


Hardest desicion of my life

Thank you James for the pictures!

So it is official, I am moving to Russia because I have handed in my resigtnation at my current job.

I am nervous, I am realley nervous because I am not sure if I am about to make the biggest mistake of my life. I will leave England in the end of August.

Recently I was home to Russia on holiday. I visited my dad. I am not speaking good russian, because I grew up in Sweden and I was never taught the Russian language. I have learned a good base through Uni studies and some extra courses. When I was at my Dads in Saint Petersburg this summer he offered me to move home to Russia for one or two years, so I can learn the language fluently.
Especially to write in Russian. The only way to learn a language fluently is to literally live in that country. He said that if I learn me the languages, he will support me financial through my Uni studies. I did not have to pay rent, no to pay for food, and no rush to hunt for a job in Russia. As long as I finish my university which I am doing on distance and learn to speak Russian. Then I go back to Europe to find a job when I am finnished.

When I left Sweden there it no hard decision. England was my dream and I am currently living my dream. But when it is coming to move away from your dream, things is getting harder. It was not an easey decision.
I love this country from the bottom of my heart and I feel like home here. I love the culture, the people, and just everything about United Kingdom. It is a good career move to move home to Russia and learn to speak it fluently. In that case I would have three languages to make money on, and a BSc in Geography. But….

I have a stability here in England. I had a stabil job with a good salary. I have always been independent from the age of 17 and took care of my own. Own place to live and everything like that. Now I am moving home to my dad to live on his money. I am worried about that. And nervous.

- Worried about not to find and extra job, and buy stuff for my own money.

- Worried about how my football cereer will end up like. Playing in the Russian mens league will not be easey. I have alreadey checked for which team I will be play in. And it was green light for me to turn on to practise when I have relocated. But the culture in Russia is very olda nd stereotypic seperated by men and women. Women should not play tackle football. Simple as that. So my biggest fear is not to be accepted in the team. Another worrying point is that many people do not speak english there.

- For the first time in my life I have started to get friends and hanged in groups. I have some friends left in Sweden. But I have never experienced of having many firends as I have in England. I am afraid to loose that and dont get it in England.

- Worried about that I cant get proper help for my ADHD and Bipolarity in Russia. I dont know how the medical help is there. Will I get medication? I dont have my own money, will the doctors cost shitloads of money?
- And the most important thing… After this 1-2 years, what if I dont can afford to go back to England after 1-2 years in Russia. If I dont get an extrajob, I can not save money. And there for not be able to pay for flight tickets back, and accommodation the first months.

The good part:
- I can learn the language, so I will litterally be fluent in Swedish, English and Russian when I am done.
-I can focuse to finnish a degree in my dream studies. Geograph with focus on GIS and command and control science.
- Since I am not gonna work, and the football is turning in to off season, I can focus on my physique on an different level then I have done previously. Which mean that I can plan for the next seasn, and which type of footballplayer I want to be. Playing in Russia will requiere me to be on a higher level than I am now. A reaaalley higher level. So I am gonna have the possibilities to develop me during this off season!
- I will be in Saint petersburg during the best time of the year. Autumm!

You need to risk something, to be able to win something!


Greetings from Russia

I though I would give you some greetings from the big country in the East. I am currenlty in Russia and visiting my dad and the rest of my biological family. It is not easey to live as a vegan here because the culture is made of stereotypical MEAT MEAT MACHO MEAT syndrome. But I am still hanging in there. I live on a Island a bit far away from Saint Petersburg and my awesome dad went on a 2 hours bussride only to get me soyprotein. Love my dad!

I would love and work here during the summer and fall. The whole Island and Saint Petersburg are full of small tents with ladys who sell fruit and stuff. I am gonna show you a picture someday here on the blog. The fruit and veggies is not like in Europe. It is pure ECO ALL OF IT! No as the shit we have in Western Europe.

This is an old and renewed outside gym on a big stadion at Kronstadt. The stadium is pretty awesome and very cool. It doesnt cost anything either. I wished we hade more of these in England. It has very nice tennis-fields, basket fields, runningstuff…and a lot of security. Even the gym I am training on have 2 security guards who is guarding daytime!

Russified vegan food…

Another part of vegan food ala russian style.

Some fields close to one of the historicals stuff. Peterdvorets. More pics coming later.

This is the famous Dasha. That means summerhouse in Russian. My grandmother had her birthday so the whole family was out in the country side.



And the beutiful church..

Asian tofu inspired experiment


Long time I had some update here now! Its about time but I loost some inspiration lately so I only cooked food that was not worth putting up here. :P And I am bored on Arlanda. I am on my way to Russia to visit my family. So it will be the first time I go to Russia as a vegan. I keep you updated.

Here is an asain inspired dish. Its continues of: tofu, rice, reedleek, peas, carrots, bambu, chestnuts, squash and auborgine.

Cook the rice first but not to soft.
Chopp redleek together with peas and fry it in a large pan together with chestnuts and bambu. Put in some soy in there. Make sure the soy is vegan. Fry it in oliveoil on low heat.

Chopp auborgine, carrots, squash and put them in a owen-safe pan. Oliveoil, salt and pepper and in with it for 175-200 celcius 5-10 minutes.

Do the same with the tofu. Chop it, lay it on a flat pan and put some salt and pepper. Depends on how big soya freak you are so drop the soya on them to. In with them in the owen and voila.

Indian lentil-mix with cinnamon


So my computer is not working so I am trying to do a blogpost from the phone. I experimented in the kitchen last week with lentils. It turned out to be the best redlentil-mix I did. Cheap as heck, proteinrich and easey to make!

4 dl of red lentils
8 dl of water
1/2 green-leek
2 bananas
mix everything in a pot and make it cook on middleheat for 20 min.
The cinnamon and curry flavours realley suprised me to be very good together.

Serve it with pita-bread.

Saturday night pizza

Vegan glutenfree mozarella pizza together with tofu, mushrooms, papriks, and fresh basil.

I used the both flourbags in it. Instead of an big egg as it says on the package I used 3 foodspoons of egg-free powder, that you can buy in Holland and Barrets. I also added oliveoil and pepper and salt.

Baking glutenfree pizza was not the easiest thing I have ever done. I bought this kit from ASDA in U.K from the Free-from department.
The paste was dashy, but finally I managed to get the it to one whole part.

I spread the paste over a plate, and took tomatosauce and spread that over the paste.
Then I added 150 gram smoked tofu together with:
chopped mushrooms
one half chopped onion
one chopped paprik
2 chopped tomatoes
and fresh basil

I putted in to the owen on 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Cheeeezy lasagne


Delayed post.. but here is the lasagna I made earlier this week. I am addicted to mushrooms and spinach of all sort of kinds. So I made this lasagna with…mushrooms and spinach together with chili and soymince. I missed out though that I should have added tomatosauce, but Ill do that next time.

6-10 pieces of organic glutenfree lasagna thingys (depends on how big bowl you have)
250 gram soycheese
250 gram soymince
1 chilifruit
500 gram mushrooms
2 hands of spinach (grab you hand and put it in the spinachbag)
3 tablespoons Eggfree powder

Mix the eggfree powder together with cheese and around 5 dl soymilk, add some salt and pepper with paprik-powder.

Put the first lasagnathingys in the bottom of the pan,
Put the soymince in there
Put the chopped mushrooms
And the spinach in
Put another pasagnathingy on there
And then take the mixed cheesemix and spread it over the lasagna.

Make sure the the cheese and soymilk is fillet to top. The lasagnabottom need to be cooked in the owen.

Put it in the owen on 175 C around 30-40 minutes.