I am working on correcting my mistake I made up to the Ursvik Ultra Light race a few weeks ago. I am getting my body used to work longer hours. So yesterday I was out powerwalking for a speed of 10.30 km/h up and down for the hill. Uuuuuup…and down….for 2 hours. The hardest part is to cut of the thinking of the kilometres you do during this time. My mainfocus is just to work up the hours my body is working out…easier said than done when you are such a competitive person. The mind is a powerful tool. A realley powerful tool.

I have registred for my next race. It will be in Stockholm, a 6 km race. Have you Swedes ever noticed something? All the startingfees in Sweden is so expensive. Sometimes they can even be up to 1000 SEK if there is  a big conventional trail race. Sometimes it is even cheaper to fly abroad and race rather than getting somewhere in Sweden.
So I have decided to arrange a trailrace of my own that dont have such horrible startingfee but still maintain a good quality.

I have been schetching on a projectplan that I am going to show some people on the 24th of May.. It is going to be exciting! I love when I can be a part of a project and work with it.
The estimated arrangedate will be either in October, or in November if I get this “people” on board to help me. It is a good way to finnish the season.


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I am realley want to doing the Sara Mountain Sky Race! It goes from Kosovo to Macedonia and the mountain goes up to 2300 metres!

It is the same organisation who are arrenge the event as the one I ran in Belgrad a few weeks ago. This one is more demanding..or….ALOT mor demanding. I realley want to have company with me. So if you are up for a challenge please contact me! :-)…
I am planning of flying direct to Pristina, because I am not so sure about the border in North Kosovo and if they want to let me in from South Serbia. They are a bit suspicious to people with russian names in Pristina.

You can read about the race here:

You can find the organisations website here:

Kosovo is not that bad. People are just to confident and to lazy trying to see beyond medias exponasion.
My groundrules to survive Kosovo as a tourist is:
Stay to vegetarian food during the whole stay. I was a meateater when I visited Kosovo and I Went realley sick of eating the meat there.
Dont go on grass if you are on the contryside.
And if you are going to nightclubs – drink things from a bottle with a capsule!

So what do you say? Wanna follow?? I dont know why I always getting more attracted to this type of races. Probaly because it is something way beyond the secure boring “mellanmjölk”-feeling I get in Sweden. The races in Sweden is to perfect, people are to perfect, Everything is to perfect! It bores me to death.
If you are a foreigner reeding this – google up the terms: “lagom + Sweden”….then you will understand what I mean.

Meanwhile… is some pictures from summer 2013 when I was in Kosovo (alone) as a tourist. Enjoy while I am going out for a run!











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My vegan birthdaycake


I just want to show my vegan birthdaycake that I made. I am satisfied for being my first cake I ever made. 

Today is my birthday so I am celebrating it with working at my weekend job. Therefore the “workingtheme”.
The cake is made of chocolate, chocolatemousse with strawberries, uhm…more chocolatecake…. and nut-cream.

The figures are made of sugarpaste and the bars is toothsticks.

True vegan bear style. :-D

Now I am going to switch to nightmode until tonight when I start working.

Nighty night ♡♡♡

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Fake lamballs with marinated veggies and basilcremé

It is so easey to veganise a dish! Yesterday I found an recepie in the newest issue of the Swedish running magazine Spring. Lambmeatballs with lemonmarinated carrots  and fennel together with basilcream.


The meatballs
500 g of soymince (or lambmeat)
1 dl of breadcrums (or 1/2 dl if you doing the meatway)
2 dl of vegan Cream (or 1 dl for the meatway)
1 dl of no egg (see Picture below) or 1 normal egg if you doing the meatway.
1/2 White onion
1 dl of chopped fresh herbs – thyme, oregano, parsley and sage.
1 clove of garlic.

Mix Everything in the bowl. Let the paste swallow for about 20 minutes and then roll them in to small balls. I choosed to prefry them in a pan and then hand them in to the owen for 30 minutes on 225 C.

This is the vegan products that are the base in my cooking. The No-egg is very universal and the Oatly Products you can find in many of the Scandinavian stores inclusive U.K


Here is the paste…


Marinade veggies
4-6 carrots
1/2 fennel
1/2 lemon, both the shelter and the juice.
3 spoons of oliveoil.

Cook the veggies until they are soft…but not to soft. They need to keep som crispiness. When they are done – scratch the lemonshelter on them and squice the lemonjuice out of them on to the veggies. Put some salt and pepper – serve.

To make the basilcreme – cut some fresh leaves of basil and mix it together with salt, pepper and creme fraiché.

VOILA! This is my result…


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Check out this training transformation!


Which one do I look healthy on? Left picture is from April 2015 weight 83 kg and vegan. On the right picture is me 64 kg and meateater from February 2013.

Back in the days I couln’t even deadlift 40 kg. Now I have cracked the 100 kg limit. I cant believe its nearley 20 kg between the pictures.

I broke up with everything that was bad in my life and started a long journey on my own. Being vegan is not easey socially but it is worth it. Now I feel fit’n’healthy. The best part is that I love my self and I have goals for my life.

Dont be afraid of challenging your self, society and go your own way!

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Ursvik Ultra Light 2015


I couldn’t make it all the way.
My body said no after 23 km. MentaIly I could go on 6 more hours. But it just said stop…Realley realley stop.
I had 7 km left of my 2nd lap and the rest of the kilometres I craweld with the support of a stick I found in the forest. It was around -5 Celsius. So I did 30 km on 5 hours and 47 minutes. It was a demanding terrain.

But heeey,  I am not dissapointed! NOT AT ALL!! And do you know why?




Because I have taken notes on when and where my body response to certain kilometres. I have never drawn my body to this stage so it was a good experience so I know what to work on until August (triathlon) and October (Greenland)
Okay it was mentally hard to feel like the fat kid there in the group. And also hard to get runned by of 3 blokes for the 2nd time when I havent finnished my first lap.

Stabilise my knees and lower back in the gym is the prio in able to run better. (And cut of some fat so I dont carry so much weight. I am 83 kg now)

I would have been more dissapointed if I would not make the whole Greenland marathon instead.

A realley realley big thanks to T and A who let me ride with them in the car to Stockholm and then waited for me to get back even if they did not know me. If you guys ever read this, it meant alot to me!

Now I’m gonna go foodhunting! And create a strategyplan for my future athletic goals!

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Eeeeeeeek!! Tonight is the raceday. Guess who is nervous?! I just finished a nightshify at my 2nd job. Now I am on my way home. So I am leaving Uppsala at 22.00 tonight. Racestart at 3.00 am!


What I wasn’t prepared was this white thing…


It kind of freaked me out. More than my usual freakey-out-me..

I believe that my stomach-butterflies that I had yesterday went in to a coma. Instead I have a brain that is going in to a big spin.

Here is an example of 5 seconds in my little bear brain:
1. Snow! FUCK!
2.What should I wear?
4. I wonder if I will meet any new friends?! I hope some crazy wierdo want to be my friend…
5. Which time should I aim for to run?
6. What if I start to freeze like heck?
7. What if I dont make it under the maximum time limit?
8. Oooooo look a ford ranger…I wonder of you can make them with an eco-certified engine…?
9. I wonder how many will run?
10. I wonder how many elitesoldiers will run the 75km distance.
11. I will dieeeeeeeeeeee!!
12. What if I realley realley dont make it?
13. What should I eat when I wake up…
14. I hope I get to sleep good…
15. Please tell me that can make all the way this race…
16. I dont feel prepared!
17. I am gonna dieeee!
18. It would be good practise for Greenland though ..
19. Food….
20. Eeeeek! I dont feel prepared enough…

Over and out! Ill update tomorrow! ♡♡♡

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